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Manual rotary table
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Rotary Tables are a convenient, accurate method of positioning or rotating a payload. These tables use a rugged worm and gear drive design with a central rotating ball bearing. We offer four rotary tables in two designs shown below. Each table has a different gear ratio.


  • a hollow spindle or clear aperture in the center
  • 360 scale, graduated knob, a readily accessible adjustment to minimize gear backlash (in A48/B48 Series only
A or B5990TS Small Rotary Tables (1.6" diameter)


Download the





A48 or B48 series Rotary Tables (4.92" dia.)


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2D .dwg file

Manual Rotary Table Specifications

  All A4800 models A5990TS
  Manual Rotary Tables Manually Operated Indexing Table
Load Capacity when in horizontal position as shown

200 lbs/90.7 kg compression load

100 lbs/45 kg tensile load

50 lbs/22.6 kg compression load

12.5 lb/5.6kg tensile load

Vertical (on edge) Load Capacity
25 lbs/11.3 kg
5 lbs/2.3 kg
Cantilever Load-Horizontal
500 in-lbs
20 in-lb
Table Top Axial Run out
0.00025" TIR
0.00011" TIR
Table Top Radial Run out
0.0005" TIR
0.00008" TIR
100 arc - second
100 arc - second
Table Weight
5.5 lbs/2.5 kg
2.7 lbs/1.23 kg

Choose one of these Models. Click Model number for price.

  Model Number Gear Ratio Table Top Rotation per Turn of Knob Typical Backlash Calibration on Drum Dial
Manual Rotary Table A4872ts
20 degrees
600 arc - second
10 degrees
400 arc - second
5 degrees
200 arc - second
Manual Rotary Table A5990ts
4 degrees
200 arc - second

Manual Rotary Table Options:

Black Anodized Finish

A48 Series

A48 Series Rotary Table - Manually Operated

Magnetic home switch>

All Series

Motor Driven Magnetic Rotary Table

Thumb lock prevent inadvertent movement.

A48 Series

Manual Rotary Table with Lock
  Vacuum Preparation:
includes degreasing internal bearings and re greasing with vacuum compatible grease. More details.

Thumb lock prevent inadvertent movement.


A5990TS optional knob with a crank for faster rotation. .Manual Rotary Table with Optional Knob

Rotary Table Adapter Plates and Brackets for UniSlide Assemblies

A4800 Series: To attach to the slider of an A40 or A60 Series UniSlide Assemblies, use the A6000TX adapter plate. Plate is 6" x 6" x 0.25" Plate is colored for illustration only. Price and photo B5990TXZ-BK adapter: Use this round plate to join two rotary tables or as an intermediate plate to hold your payload. Price and photo
A6000TX adapter 5990 adapter plate
xz bracket for rotary tablexz rotary

A4001XZ-R XZ adaptor bracket

Price and 3D Models

Rotary Table Adapter Plates for BiSlide Assemblies

rotary table adapter b5990 to bislide adaptor Click on image for more info

Examples of Manual Rotary Tables

Three Manual Rotary Tables Combined Example 1:Three tables combined as XYZ
Manually Operated Turntables Example 2: For lower cost, simpler rotary motion see Turntables
Two Manual Rotary Tables on XZ Bracket Example 3A: Tilt and pan for an intermediate payload using two rotary tables connected with A4001XZ adapter bracket
Two A4800 Rotary Tables Connected with A4001XZ Adapter Example 3B: Tilt and pan for a larger payload using two A4800 rotary tables connected with our A4001XZ adapter bracket. On the vertical table is a platform shelf.
A5990TS with Small MA15 Motor Driven UniSlide Example 4: A5990TS supporting a small MA15 motor driven UniSlide
Three Rotary Tables Example 5: Three rotary tables. Two motorized B5990TS mounted at right angles to each other using adapter plate B5990TXZ (Black circular plate). They are placed on B4872TS rotary for panning.

Manual A4872 Rotary Table

Example 6: This application utilized the clear aperture in the rotary table.
It also required an
XY table with a clear aperture.
2 linear stages with tilt + pan Example 7: A 4 axis system- 2 linear plus tilt with A5990TS and pan with A4007TS turntable. Payload can be attached to XZ bracket or directly to A5990TS rotary table