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Model A2505TS
small manual turntable

Model A4007TS

manual turntable

We offer two size Models

Model Number
Turntables differ from gear driven Rotary Tables in that Turntables can be spun quickly by hand. Anywhere within the 360, there can be a 12 range of fine (knob controlled) adjustment. They also cost less. Table features include an easy-to-read engraved 360 scale, 6 minute (0.1º) resolution, maximum horizontal load capacity of 200 pounds (90 kg.), and rugged black anodized finish.
How they work
Unlike Rotary Tables, Turntables do not use a worm and gear design. Instead, they use a spring-loaded tangent screw drive for fine adjustments. With the Lock Knob released, the turntable is freely rotated by hand to the approximate target position. Turning the Adjust Knob engages a tangent screw driven against a spring-loaded yoke, allowing you to fine tune your position to 0.1 degree. See photo. The spring will resist up to 14 oz-in of rotational torque.

Typical applications include mounting and rotation of test specimens, cameras, transducers, sensors, mirrors and other components. These tables cannot be motor-driven (go here), or vertically mounted except for light (< 1 lb.) loads, and are not recommended for strong pulling (tensile) loads. This info in PDF.

Directly mounting the Turntable Base to a linear UniSlide

Model A2505TS   Model A4007TS
Series A15: requires optional length 3" slider (use the C holes)   Series A40 or B40: mounts to standard and optional length sliders
Series A25 or B25: mounts to any slider length (use the D holes)   Series A60 or B60: mounts to standard and optional length sliders
A2505TS Mounting and Operating Instructions   A4007TS Mounting and Operating Instructions

Price: A4007TS. A2505TS

Download CAD drawings here. *.Stp files are zipped and smaller

CAD file format

Photo 2 Internal Detaildetail model a4007ts

Photo 3 Model A2505TS top view

Model A2505TS

Photo 4 Model A4007TS top view

Model A4004TS

Photo 5: A 4 axis system- 2 linear plus tilt with A5990TS and pan with A4007TS turntable. Payload can be attached to XZ bracket or directly to A5990TS rotary table

2 linear stages with tilt + pan