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Encoders-Magnetic DRO selection Rotary encoder

Mounting an magnetic, optical or inductive encoder directly to the slider gives a direct reading of slider movement eliminating lead screw and backlash errors.

Linear encoders - Inductive

amo scale on bislide

AMO LMB-110 Inductive scale encoder   
Resolution: 0.001mm/0.000039"
Accuracy: 0.010 mm/meter
Repeatability: 0.001mm/0.000039"
Output: Differential
Cable Length: 3 m



Linear encoders - Magnetic

Velmex can mount Elgo Electric EMIX 23 Magnetic incremental linear encoders on outside edge of BiSlide Carriages.

Resolution: 0.001mm/0.000039"
Accuracy: 0.025 mm/100mm
0.045 mm/meter
Repeatability: 0.001mm/0.000039"
Output: Differential
Cable Length: 3 m.

More data for Elgo encoder

magnetic encoder



New Velmex Digital Readout with optional base

The Velmex Read Out (VRO) is a compact one or two axes digital readout for linear and rotary incremental encoders. The VRO uses the latest OLED display and DSP microcontroller technology for high performance, ultra-precise, digital position readout. Designed for differential type encoders, the VRO is also fully compatible with single ended encoders.
· Easy front panel or PC configuration
· Inch/Metric selectable units
· Full RS-232/USB communication
· Remote Send, Clear, Unit button Inputs
· User settable scaling, decimal place, axis and unit labels
· Universal input AC Power adapter with UL, CE, TUV ratings
· 3 year Limited Warranty MORE

The USB to Serial Adapter connects the DRO to a computer USB port. This adapter will automatically be configured as a virtual COM serial port on a PC. This virtual COM port works exactly the same as a standard COM port allowing all software to address the DRO directly through a COM port number. Use this adapter with a computer with an available USB port, but no RS-232 (COM) serial port. Catalog number 4-2132.   User Manual    Data sheet USB to Serial Adapter

Rotary encoder

Rotary Encoder Encoder mounted on the back side of a double shaft motor