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- Petrographic systems
Concrete Petrographic Analysis Positioning Systems
- Download information
Download info and dwgs
- Send us an email
Contact Velmex by email
- Hardware - BiSlide
Cleats and bolts for mounting
- What are the hole dimensions for UniSlide?
Download common dimension.PDF
- I need a manual stage
Examples of manual stages
- Frameing components - BiSlide
Frames and bases for BiSlide Assemblies
- RPC-USB-RS232-3M cable
Connects VXM to USB port
- 4-2132 USB to Serial Converter
Connects DRO to USB port
- Lubrication
Lubricants for Velmex products
- RoHS certificate
environmental information
- Pk264 step motor
Torque speed curve
- Compare motorized Velmex linear stages
Compare BiSlide, XSlide and UniSlide
- Rethread holes in carriage - FAQ
Enlarge std holes to Metric
- Ordering + contact Velmex
How to order from Velmex
- How/where to send orders
How to place your order
- Get 3d models
Download models of Velmex products
- Dual carriages, manual
simultaneous together and apart motion
- Manual apps- Elgo linear encoder
Adding optional encoder
- AMO encoder for manual stages
Optional linear encoders
- Model A1503B-S1.5
Product details and price
- Std model A1503C-S1.5
Product details, price & 3d model
- Std model A2504B-S1.5
Product details, price & 3d model
- Velmex support - general
Form to request support for Velmex products
- Find a manual UniSlide
Input your specifications
- GST Angle Brackets
BiSlide vertical support accessories
- Xslide gussets
XSlide vertical support
- Example F4
Manual Stages
- Example F9
Manual Stages
- Example F10
Manual Stages
- Example F12
Manual Stages
- Example G7
Manual Stages
- Example G8
Manual Stages
- Example G9
Manual Stages
- Example G12
Manual Stages
- Types of UniSlides
Choose or select a UniSlide based on its type or style
- MA15 UniSlide
Small, motorized UniSlides
- MA and MB25 UniSlide
Small, motorized UniSlides
- MA and MB40 UniSlide
Motorized UniSlides
- Motor driven BiSlide
Introduction to Motor driven BiSlide
- Micrometer head
Micrometer controlled Rapid Advance UniSlide
- MA and MB60 UniSlide
Motorized UniSlides
- MB90 UniSlide
Motorized UniSlides
- UniSlide Dimensional drawings
Find dimensional drawing for manual UniSlide assembly
- UniSlide Straight line accuracy
Deviation from a straight line of travel
- Lead screw error
Error for lead screws
- Side knob UniSlide
Right angle gear box for side knob control
- VP9000 motor control
Velmex programmable motor controller
- NF90 motor controllers
Velmex motor controller
- Belt driven BiSlide
Motor driven belt drive BiSlide for fast speed/long travel
- UniSlide Revolution counter of lead screw
An analog measurement of linear travel
- Find a cost for a Manual UniSlide
Find a cost by imputing specs
- Orientation
Shows Cartesian X Y and Z relationship as defined by Velmex
- Drive Nuts
Lead screw drive nuts
- Overstock manual BiSlide
Side knob driven BiSlide with 15" travel
- XZ Adapter Brackets
UniSlide XZ brackets
- Bushing used for thrust bearings
A15 and A25 Manual UniSides
- Combining UniSlides
Using adaptors to combine them
- Programmable Step Motor Control
VXM Control + Driver
- Velmex Representatives world wide
- 3 axis manual UniSlide
- Example A3
Together apart motion
- Example A7
MB90 Series UniSlide example
- Example A9
Hi temp XSlide Assembly
- Example B1
- Example B3
Vertical Parallel BiSlide
- Example B5
- Example B7
- Example B9
- Example B10
- Example B11
- Example B12
- Example B13
- Example C1
- Example C2
- Example C3
- Example C4
- Example C5
- Example C6
- Example C7
- Example C8
- Example C9
- Example C10
- Example C11
- Example D1
- Example D2
- Example D3
- Example D4
- Example D5
- Example 1A
BiSlide Example
- Example 1C
BiSlide example
- Example 1D
BiSlide example
- Example 1E
BiSlide example
- Example 1F
BiSlide example
- Example 1G
BiSlide example
- Example 1H
BiSlide example
- Example 1I
BiSlide example
- Example 1J
BiSlide example
- Example 1K
BiSlide example
- Example 1L
BiSlide example
- Example 1M
BiSlide example
- Example 2A
BiSlide two axis example
- Example 2B
BiSlide two axis example
- Example 2C
BiSlide two axis example
- Example 2E
BiSlide 2 axis example
- Example 2F
BiSlide Example 2F
- Example 2G
BiSlide Example 2G
- Example 2H
BiSlide Example 2H
- Example 2I
BiSlide Example 2I
- Example 2J
BiSlide Example 2J
- Example 2L
BiSlide Example 2L
- Example 3A
BiSlide Example 3A
- Example 3B
BiSlide Example 3B
- Example 3C
BiSlide Example 3C
- Example 3E
BiSlide Example 3E
- Example 3F
BiSlide Example 3F
- Example 3G
BiSlide Example 3G
- Example 3H
BiSlide Example 3H
- Example 3I
BiSlide Example 3I
- Example 3J
BiSlide Example 3J
- Example 3K
BiSlide Example 3K
- Example 3L
BiSlide Example 3L
- Example 3M
BiSlide Example 3M
- Example 3N
BiSlide Example 3N
- Example 2K
BiSlide Example 2K
- BiSlide Post assembly
BiSlide Post assembly
- UniSlide Modifications
Manual UniSlide modification
- Parallel coupled BiSlide
Open frame tables
- Rapid advance- UniSlide
Manual UniSlide assembly
- Encoders– manual products
encoders with digital readout
- Requirement motorized applications
send us your application requirements
- Manual UniSlide 3D models
SAT and STEP files
- How to choose a step motor
based upon motor speed torque
- news from Velmex
- obsolete motors
for sale
- Options – UniSlide
Manual options
- Manual Rotary tables
Worm and gear Rotary table
- Choose a size
Manual linear stages
- Translation speed
Linear translation vs steps per second
- Straightness of travel
BiSlide straightness
- Tree ring measurement system
Rapid advance UniSlide with encoder
- Manual UniSlide
- Rotary turntable
Manual UniSlide
- Vacuum considerations
For Vacuum applications
- VXM Stepping motor control
Most popular Velmex Controller
- Warrantee information- manual products
Warrantee information
- Way covers
Way covers for manual UniSlides
- Weights
Manual products – weights
- Wiring of limit switches and step motors
- XY tables– manual
Manual XY tables
- Introduction to Xslide
Xslide assemblies
- End bearing block
manual UniSlides
- UniSlide Revolution counter
Mechanical revolution counter for UniSlide
- Longer length slider
optional longer slider length
- Operating temperature
Operating temperature for UniSlide
- Magnetic properties
nonmagnetic UniSlide assembly
- Wear resistance properties
- Manual products
2d drawings
- How to measure UniSlide travel
Using manual UniSlide
- How to measure travel distance
For manual stages
- Series A15 UniSlide
Manual stage
- Series A25 UniSlide
Manual stage
- Series A40 UniSlide
Manual stage
- Series A60 UniSlide
Manual stage
- Series B90 UniSlide
Manual stage
- XZ Adapters
UniSlide XZ adapter plates and brackets
- Manual UniSlide Home page
Start here for manual UniSlide information
- About Velmex
company contact info
- Contact information
Velmex contact
- AXY25 manual assemblies
low-profile XY tables
- B UniSlide base
deeper dovetail base
- Introduction to BiSlides
Motor driven
- Bolts – BiSlide
BiSlide bolts
- Where to buy
worldwide Velmex distributors
- Manual UniSlides
payload capacity
- cleats – BiSlide
BiSlide cleats
- compare motor driven products
compare UniSlide, Xslide, BiSlide
- Manual UniSlide
- Cable connectors
view connectors
- VXM stepper motor controller
- Customer stories
examples of applications
- Manual – elevating tables
lift tables
- End bearing block
manual UniSlides
- Manual UniSlide
engineering information
- Manual UniSlide
Examples – general
- Frequently asked questions
FAQ home
- BiSlide framing components
Adapters, cleats, bolts, post assemblies
- Right angle gear drive
Manual products
- Graduated knob slide
manual UniSlide
- How to identify a Velmex linear stage
Find the id label on a product
- In stock
manual products
- Introduction to
manual products
- Knobs - hand
Manual knobs
- Limit switch assembly
options for motorized stages
- Download
Manual assemblies catalog
- Locking mechanisms
Manual UniSlide - Locks
- Look up
Lookup a standard manual UniSlide
- MAXY XY tables
Assemble motor driven UniSlide XY tables
- Download
Look up a model on a price list
- Locking mechanisms
Rotary tables
- Xslide
payload capacity
- Download
Motorized products catalog
- Motor driven left & right lead screw
simultaneous together and apart motion
- Choose the lead screw
Stepper Motor driven stage
- Introduction to
Motor driven products
- In stock
Motor driven products
- Worm and gear
Rotary table – manual
- Xslide framing components
Adapters, cleats, bolts, gussets
- Select a BiSlide
Input your specifications
- motorized products
- Motor driven stages
- BiSlide
engineering information
- Encoders– motorized products
encoders with digital readout
- Download drawing
Motor driven stages
- VXM – options
Options for VXM
- Motor BiSlide
- Manual products – XY adapters
XY UniSlide adapters
- Cleats – Xslide
Xslide cleats
- Motor 2 Sliders and a Common Base
Bidirectional or reciprocating action positioning slide or stage for together and apart motion
- Xslide
payload capacity
- Bolts – Xslide
Xslide bolts
- AXY40
manual XY tables
- BiSlide examples
- Velmex news
about manual stages
- Motor driven UniSlide Home page
Start here for motorized UniSlide information
- Motorized Rotary tables
Worm and gear Rotary table
- Manual 2 axis examples
Manual UniSlide examples
- Example A6
Side mount motor
- Example A1
- Position indicators
For motorized stages
- Example 2D
BiSlide two axis example
- How to measure BiSlide travel
Using manual BiSlide
- Select a Xslide
input your specifications
- Screw drive UniSlide
Lead screw control-nonmeasured travel
- BiSlide assembly
Find a price by imputing specs
- BiSlide Revolution counter
Analog positon counter for BiSlide
- XSlide examples
Examples of application
- XY adapter plate
UniSlide XY adapter plates
- Warrantee information – motor driven
Motor driven warrantee
- VXM options
Options for VXM
- Motor driven linear products
- Left hand lead screw
Modifications - manual UniSlide
- Choose a size
Motorized linear stages
- Left-hand + right-hand lead screw
For simultaneous together or apart motion
- Revolution counter for BiSlide
Analog position counter for BiSlide
- Parallel coupled UniSlide
Timing belt connected
- Rapid advance- BiSlide
BiSlide assembly
- 3 axis motor driven BiSlide
for larger payloads
- BiSlide adaptors
Plates for BiSlide
- Material subsitution for std nuts
Alternative material for drive nuts
- Side knob BiSlide
Vertical stage with control knob on side
- BiSlide Dimensional drawings
Find dimensional drawing for manual BiSlide assembly
- Example B6
A horizontal and vertical system
- Example B4
Two axis XSlide
- Example A2
BiSlide Assembly
- Support for Velmex motor controls and DRO
Help with your VXM motor control
- Motor apps - Elgo linear encoder
Adding optional encoder
- I have a problem with your models
What to do if your experiencing a problem
- Materials used in construction
UniSlide construction materials
- What are the hole dimensions for BiSlide?
Download dimension.PDF
- Hardware - XSlide
Cleats and bolts for mounting
- What are the hole dimensions for XSlide?
Download common dimension.PDF
- Find a Xslide
Input your specifications
- XSlide Dimensional drawings
Find dimensional drawing for manual XSlide assembly
- XSlide Accuracy
Deviation from straight line of travel and lead screw error
- 3 axis motor driven XSlide
for smaller payloads
- Options – UniSlide
motor driven UniSlides options
- Straightness of travel
motor driven UniSlide
- VXM support site
E-mail a request assistance
- XY examples – manual
Assembled XY systems
- Motorized two axis examples
2 axis examples – BiSlide assembly
- Velmex news
about motor applications
- AXY60
large manual XY tables
- Motor Xslide
Xslide components
- VXM – after sale
Support site
- motor driven UniSlide
engineering information
- Worm and gear
Rotary table – motor driven
- How to navigate,
How to use web site
- Side mounted knob
manual stage
- Choose the lead screw
Based on lead screw RPM
- Download
Motor Controllers
- Locking mechanisms
Locks for elevating tables
- Motor driven UniSlide
permissible loading
- Xslide
- Xslide
engineering information
- VXM – jog/slew with auto reverse
VXM1 J control
- Motorized products – XY adapters
XY UniSlide adapters
- motor controls
download catalogs
- Assembled XY tables
Motor driven UniSlide
- Manual UniSlide sizes
Sizes and load capacity
- Motorized two axis examples
2 axis examples – XSlide assembly
- Xslide loading and speeds
Xslide specifications
- XY examples – motor driven
Assembled XY systems
- Motor driven UniSlide
- VXM-1J Single Stepping motor control
Non-programmable motor control
- XSlide adaptors
XSlide adaptors
- VXM user forum
Click news link to take you to forum
- motor compatibility
with UniSlide bases
- BiSlide – manual
Manual operated BiSlide assembly
- I am having a problem importing
..a file from you site
- Selecting the right UniSlide
Cantilevered load limits
- VXM – download
presale information
- Manual UniSlides
Single axis
- Manual Rotary table
Rotary examples
- Manual BiSlide Assemblies
input your specs…get CAD model
- motor driven UniSlide
model number system
- Example 3D
BiSlide example 3D