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Velmex – Delivering Quality, Precision, Selection and Value

Since 1967, Velmex, Inc. has manufactured linear and rotary motion-control positioning systems for scientific, research, machining, instrumentation and industrial applications. Velmex produces UniSlide®, BiSlide® and XSlide™ manual and motor-driven stages; manual and motor-driven XY tables, rotary tables, elevating tables and turntables; as well as, VXM™ motor controls and VRO™ encoder readouts - all, American-made. All providing a variety of precise, yet simple, modular configurations to satisfy a broad range of positioning applications where high precision and value are essential. Common applications include manufacturing, research, automation and prototyping. Services provided include custom machining and controller integration.

Need to make simple moves. Or, have a more complicated positioning challenge? Let us help you move in the right direction.

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