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About Us

Velmex CorporateVelmex, Inc. is a premier North American manufacturer of stock and custom linear and rotary motion control positioning equipment for scientific, research, machining, instrumentation and industrial applications. Velmex produces UniSlide®, BiSlide® and XSlide™ manual and motor-driven assemblies; manual and motor-driven XY tables, rotary tables, elevating tables and turntables; as well as, VXM™ motor controls and VRO™ encoder readouts. The products include precision, modular stages/actuators available in a variety of configurations to satisfy a broad range of applications where high precision and value are essential.

Thousands of UniSlides®, BiSlides® and XSlides™ are in use providing simple, rugged, reliable motion. Velmex products are useful for precisely moving a probe, sensor, antenna, transducer, optics, components or other objects. Common applications include manufacturing, research, automation and prototyping. Services provided include custom design and machining and motor controller integration.

Our Beginning

Velmex was founded in 1967 in Bloomfield, a small community in upstate New York; making it one of the first manufacturers of precision positioning equipment. Velmex was established by Jack Evans, who was instrumental in the Optics Institute at the University of Rochester and the Optical Society, and was one of the founders of Tropel, Inc., a precision optics company (now part of Corning).

The company was founded with Jack Evans' original patented UniSlide® design, many of which are still in operation. The proven UniSlide® continues to be manufactured today. Early assemblies produced were off-the-shelf dovetail slides in 1 ½” and 2 ½” widths.

Since then Velmex has grown to manufacture two additional manual and motor-driven dovetail stage brands – BiSlide® and XSlide™ – in a multitude of sizes and configurations available worldwide. The company also produces VXM™ Motor Controllers and VRO™ Encoder Readouts.

We cut, machine, assemble and test all our products starting with the raw extrusions. Everything is built to order to our exacting standards, so that you receive precisely what you need to fit your specifications.

Our administrative, manufacturing and research and development facilities are all in one location to provide extraordinary customer service.

For more on Velmex and our over 50 years serving our customers see the Velmex Timeline.