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Velmex BiSlideĀ® Pan and Tilt System Used on Several Shots for Oscar Nominated Anomalisa

Pan and Tilt RigDick Kaneshiro, an owner of Velmex positioning systems for stop-motion photography, recently completed camera work on the film Anomalisa. The film, nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Film category, was shot in part using a camera rig Kaneshiro designed and comprised of several Velmex BiSlides Stages and Rotary Tables.

In additional to rotating movement through the Rotary Tables, the rig moves horizontally and vertically on the X Y and Z axis using several Parallel-Coupled and linear BiSlide Assemblies. The motion rig allows for almost infinite camera positions which is required in stop-motion animation.
Rig on Anomalisa
The critically-acclaimed film has also been nominated and won numerous other awards including nominations for the Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Awards; and winning the Venice Film Festival Grand Jury Prize and runner-up in the Toronto Film Critics awards. Dick Kaneshiro is a motion control operator specializing in stop-motion that has worked on movies, TV shows, cable shows and commercials.