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Velmex Marks 50 Years

50 year symbolOctober 2017, Velmex, Inc. marked a major milestone of 50 years in business. It was 50 years ago J.C. Evans (Jack) left Tropel (now Corning-Tropel), a company he had co-founded, to start Velmex, Inc. In 1960 Mr. Evans patented the original UniSlide® Linear Stage design. The UniSlide Assemblies became the basis for the new corporation.

Since that time Velmex expanded the UniSlide line and introduced additional products such as, the BiSlide® and XSlide™ positioning stages, VXM™ stepper motor controller and VRO™ digital positioning readouts to fit a variety of positioning and motion needs. The expansion included rotary tables, elevating tables, XY tables, several controls, and a Tree Ring Measuring System.

Mitch Evans, son to Jack and the current President of Velmex, said, "I am proud of the journey my dad and the company have taken. It is a significant milestone that wouldn't be possible without the loyalty of our customers and the commitment of our employees. I thank them for their years of support and dedication. I look forward to continuing to offer customers the respected, reliable and rugged positioning devices for which Velmex is known, for the next 50 years and beyond."

As the products offered continued to grow, so did our production facility. Velmex now distributes its positioning devices world-wide. After one-half century in business, the company which is still family owned, takes pride in building quality, precision positioning instruments, addressing needs across diverse industries.

Over the past 50 years, the company also has focused on the surrounding community, becoming a long-standing major contributor to WXXI TV, a PBS member station; Sonnenberg Gardens; Robotics teams; various conservatories; numerous children's events and programs.

For more on our 50 years see the Velmex Timeline.