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Configuring Velmex VRO Readout with Additional Options


  • Mounting Options
  • Tab 2 Option
  • Encoders


Tilt Base - Optional tilt base changes the tilt angle for added visibility and operator comfort in reading the screen. VRO screen tilts at 75°.

Close-up VRO base VRO on base

T-slot Hinge – T-slot hinge allows mounting and placing were most convenient. With the T-slot, the VRO can be easy added to the support structure that might be used with a Velmex BiSlide®. Once mounted the VRO can be tilted for easy viewing. Hinge allows the screen to tilt up to 75°.


VRO T-Slot Hinge VRO with hinge

T-slot Mounting Flange – T-Slot mounting flange facilitates mounting of the VRO virtually any where needed for a fixed permanent installation. For example mounting in a panel box or on a wall. Placement of the VRO would be fixed. In order to adjust the tilt use the T-slot hinge to mount instead.


T-Slot Mounting Flange VRO with mounting flanges



VRO-Tab 2 Hand-held, two button remote which provides a convenient capture (upload VRO reading to computer) and reset of the VRO for faster data collection.

Tab 2 control Close of Tab 2 on Tree Ring System



Encoders - Velmex offers linear inductive and magnetic encoders along with rotary encoders for use in measuring position on Velmex stages.Mounted directly on the slider (carriage), the encoders deliver a true and accurate reading of the slider's movement and position.

Linear Encoder Heads Linear Encoder on a BiSlide

For more details on Velmex Encoders available, check out the Encoder page.