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Lead Screws

Velmex Lead ScrewsA wide selection of high-quality lead screws provide flexibility in designing the drive portion of Velmex translation stages.

The lead screws we use are all manufactured by us to exacting standards. They are formed by rolling through precision dies rather than cutting on a screw machine, resulting in higher quality and accuracy. The screws are made of either 303 stainless steel or electroless nickel-plated, cold rolled steel. Other materials are available for specialized applications. Please check with our Application Engineers for details.

The lead screws are available in a range of diameters with both English and Metric Threads. The pitch for English Thread lead screws range from 2.5 turns per inch to 40 turns per inch. The Metric lead screws range from 5 turns to 10 turns per metric thread. We offer both Standard accuracy and Precision accuracy (Precision grade) screws.

In addition we make specialized left and right hand threaded lead screws for together and apart movement of the payload carriage on linear stages.

  • Lead Screws for Manual UniSlide® Assemblies
  • Lead Screws for Motor-driven UniSlide® Assemblies

Manual Lead Screw Specifications

Manual Lead Screw Specifications