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Examples of Combinations of Velmex Stages

These are examples of Velmex products. If you wish a similar product, please contact us with your specific application specifications (travel distance, payload, hours per day in use, resolution, speed range, etc.). You can use the Request Assistance form.

The example displayed may be a custom configuration, designed to the customer's specifications; and not offered as a standard product. Custom configurations could contain custom, externally-fabricated components.

Example Key Code Meaning Example Key Code Meaning
A Manually Operated M Motorized
S Standard C Custom Configuration
B BiSlide U UniSlide
X XSlide R Rotary Tables
T XY Tables TT Turntables
E Elevating Tables FS Fun Stuff (Ingenious, Cool, or Just out of the ordinary applications)


The combination systems shown below could be comprised of any number of Velmex Stages listed above including manual and motorized stages in the same system.

  • Manual and motorized XZ BiSlides description
    Exp: ASB3001
  • Large gantry system description
    Exp: MCBR3006
  • Assemlby line system description
    Exp: MCBR3007
  • XYZ with Theta system description
    Exp: MCBR3008
  • Parallel Coupled Workhold System description
    Exp: MCB3009
  • 3D Scanning description
    Exp: MCBR3001
  • Scanning for Research description
    Exp: MCXR3002
  • Multiple axes for mammogram research description
    Exp: MCBR3003
  • 3D Rotation description
    Exp: MCBR3004
  • UniSlide and BiSlide array for cancer research description
    Exp: MCBR3005
  • Elevating Table on XY Table description
    Exp: ASEU3001
  • Turntable on XY Table description
    Exp: ASTTT3002
  • Tuntable on manual XY Table description
    Exp: ASTTT3001
  • Linear UniSlide on XY Table description
    Exp: MSTU3004
  • Manual Rotary on XYZ UniSlide description
    Exp: ACUR3001
  • Rotary on XY Table with vertical UniSlide description
    Exp: ACUR3002
  • Dual Rotary Tables on UniSliide XYZ systems description
    Exp: ACUR3003
  • Rotary on XY UniSlide with Z UniSlide mounted on top description
    Exp: ASUR3004
  • Rotary on  XSlide description
    Exp: MCXR3001
  • XZY Theta  scanning fixed point description
    Exp: MSXR3005
  • Rotary on BiSlide Post Assembly description
    Exp: MCBR3010
  • UniSlide Workhold fixture UniSlide with an XSlide - workhold fixture
    Emp:: ACUX3002
  • Inverted XY with Turntable Inverted XY with Turntable
    Exp: ACUTT3006
  • UniSlides on BiSlide frame UniSlide with Rotary Table
    Emp: MCUR3001
  • Velmex system for Petrography description
    Petrography Lab
  • XSlide Research Bench description
    Exp: MCX3001
  • XSlide with Rotary Table description
    Exp: MCXR3003
  • 3-axis XYZ XSlide description
    Exp: MSX3004
  • Turntable on UniSlide description
    Exp: ASTTU3001
  • BiSlide with Rotary Table description
    Exp: MCBR3009