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Product Components

For details, specifications and drawings for various product components, options and accessories, such as adapter plates, framing, hardware, limits, etc., please click on the appropriate link below.

Adapter Plates

XY, XZ and Rotary Adapter Plates


BiSlide® Assembly Adapter Plates


UniSlide® Assembly Adapter Plates


XSlide™ Assembly Adapter Plates


Rotary Table Adapter Plates


Turntable Adapter Plates

Brackets / Gussets

XZ positioning brackets and gussets


BiSlide® Assembly Adapter Brackets


UniSlide® Assembly Adapter Brackets


XSlide™ Assembly Adapter Gussets


Rotary Table Adapter Brackets

Framing and bases

T-Slot and I-Beam plates, bases


BiSlide® Assembly Framing


XSlide™ Assembly Framing


Cleats, nuts and bolts


BiSlide® Assembly Hardware


XSlide™ Assembly Hardware


Right-angle gearboxes allows you to offset the control knob.


BiSlide® Assembly Right-angle Gearbox


UniSlide® Assembly Right-angle Gearbox


Assorted control knobs available for manual UniSlide stages.

Lead Screws

Lead screws available for various Velmex stages.


BiSlide® Lead Screw Specifications


UniSlide® Lead Screw Specifications


XSlide™ Lead Screw Specifications


Various limits to regulate position on Velmex stages.


BiSlide® Limits


UniSlide® Limits


XSlide™ Limits


Rotary Table Home Switch / Limits


BiSlide® Locks


UniSlide® Locks


XSlide™ Locks

Platform Shelf

Platform that can be used on vertical UniSlide stages and Rotary Tables. Also integral part of UniSlide Elevating Tables.


Platform shelf for UniSlide® Assemblies


Platform shelf for Rotary Tables

Post Assemblies

Post Assemblies - Can be used as a platform on the framing for BiSlide Systems

Revolution Counter

Measures position by counting the revolutions on a lead screw.


BiSlide® Counter


UniSlide® Counter

Way Covers

Way Covers - Can be used to protect the guide ways from dust and debris.

Properties of Velmex Stages

Information on stage composition, tolerances, wear and design for specialty applications - Properties of Velmex Stages.


Inductive, magnetic and rotary encoders for use in measuring position on Velmex stages.


Motor configurations and sizes that power Velmex motorized positioning devices.

Motor Controller (VXM™)

Stepper Motor Controller govern the performance of motors available for Velmex products.


VXM Joysticks


VXM Interface Modules


Limit Switches

Readouts (VRO™)

VRO Digital Readout delivers position information for Velmex stages.


VRO Mounting Options


VRO Tab 2 Control