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Velmex Concrete and Petrographic System

  Velmex Petrography Analysis System  


Similar to the Velmex Tree Ring System, the Petrographic Analysis Positioning System aids in analyzing the aggregate or particle composition, and air entrainment or voids in concrete. This positioning system is usually comprised of a 2-axis (XY) stage and can be manually-operated or motorized or a combination thereof. The system can be used to aid in analyzing concrete, asphalt, sediment, soil or other similar materials. It is used in a number of research labs and higher education labs around the globe.

The System delivers accuracy with increased durability and compactness at an affordable price.

System Components*

The Velmex Petrographic Positioning System consists of the following components:

UniSlide TA System

Velmex Petrographic System with a UniSlide XY Stage, the VRO Readout (Encoders on stage, but not visible.)

1. An XY Assembly – usually a UniSlide® assembly, available in several travel lengths. Waycovers to keep the concrete dust and dirt from contaminating the slide are an option available on the UniSlide® assembly. Waycovers cannot be used in conjunction with encoders.

2. One micron (0.001mm) resolution linear encoder integrated to the UniSlide® or BiSlide® assembly.

3.Velmex VRO™ Encoder Readout for connection to the linear encoder and interface serially to a computer for measurement recording/logging.


1. USB to RS232 Serial Cable

If using a motorized system it could also include a VXM™ Step Motor Controller.

*Components sold separately

The Velmex system does not include a microscope or the specific analysis software.


Concrete Analysis System Examples (Images and articles)
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Petrography Lab with UniSlide System Petrographic system using Velmex BiSlide Stages Concrete analysis using Velmex UniSlide System
Petrography system with manual and motorized UniSlide Assemblies and VXM Controller set-up in a laboratory. Petrography system using Velmex motorized BiSlide Assemblies. Petrographic research laboratory measuring aggregates in concrete with a Velmex UniSlide Petrography System.



Specifications on Velmex Petrography Positiong Systems will depend on the specific brand and model. For more information, please review specifications on UniSlide® Assemblies or specifications on BiSlide® Assemblies.

Technical Documentation including CAD drawings would also depend on the brand and model. Either visit the individual brand page - UniSlide Assemblies or BiSlide Assemblies or go to the Technical Documentation Section.

For information on software, standards required and other information on concrete or asphalt analysis, we suggest to contact industry associations includin ASTM International, American Concrete Institute, World Cement Association, National Asphalt Pavement Association or the Asphalt Institute.