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Examples of Velmex Positioning Products

Velmex positioning products provide a variety of precise, yet simple, modular configurations to satisfy a broad range of applications where high precision and value are essential. They can be used for:

• Antenna Alignment • Automation
• Camera Positioning • Film and Animation Work
• Inspection and QA/QC • Linear Guides for Other Actuators
• Machining Soft Materials • Measurement
• Medical And Biological Analysis • Moving Probes, Sensors, Components
• Optical Focusing • Packaging Processes
• Pan and Tilt • Photonics
• Pick and Place • Prototyping
• Scanning • Research and Testing
• Workhold Fixturing and Light Industrial • And thousands of other uses


Pictured in our galleries are examples of configurations and systems using Velmex Assemblies, including combinations of Velmex products.

Manually-Operated Devices

Motor-driven Devices

Combination Systems

Working Images