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Velmex Rotary TableA5990TS Rotary Table A48 Rotary Table Manual Rotary Table Vertical Black Rotary Table

Velmex Manual Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables

For precise performance and continuous 360° rotational motion, choose from two series of Velmex Rotary Tables, both motorized or manually-operated.

Manually-Operated Velmex Rotary Tables

Velmex Rotating Tables deliver precise, continuous rotating motion for scanning, assembly, testing and production. They are a convenient, accurate method of quickly positioning or rotating a payload. The tables are offered in two configurations – Rotary Tables and Turntables.

The Rotary Tables use a rugged worm and gear drive design with a central rotating ball bearing to turn the payload. They are available either manual or motorized. The larger Rotary Table can support payloads up to 200 lbs. (90.7 kg) and the smaller can handle payloads up to 50 lbs. (22.6 kg.)

Velmex Rotary Table Features

XSlide Features

Rotating Table Applications

Typical applications for Velmex Rotary Tables include mounting and rotation of test specimens, cameras, transducers, sensors, mirrors and other components. The tables can also be used to tilt and pan.

Manually-Operated Rotating Tables

Rotary Tables – All Velmex Rotary Tables rotate smoothly and easily around a single axis. They can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

Part number information for each style can be found under Specifications at the end of the page.

Manual Rotary Table - A4800 Series

A48 Series – Three models with gear ratios of 18:1, 36:1 and 72:1. The B4800 Series has a load capacity up to 200 lbs. (90.7 kg.) horizontally and 25 lbs. (11.3 kg.) vertically. (The payload it can support vertically depends on the gear ratio. The lower the ratio, the less weight it can support.)

Revolution time at 600 rpm ranges from 1.8 to 7.2 seconds, respectively. The series features a hollow spindle or clear aperture in the center. Aluminum finish is standard.

Manual A5990 Rotary Table

A59 Series – One model with a 90:1 gear ratio. The smaller A5900 can handle 50 lbs. (22.6 kg.) horizontally and 5 lbs. (2.3 kg.) vertically. The series features a hollow spindle or clear aperture in the center and comes in a standard black anodized finish.

Both the A48 and A59 Series feature a graduated knob.

Velmex also offers motorized Rotary Tables. Also available manual Turntables.

Rotating Table Specifications

Factors such as size of the motor, size of the payload, in operation time, mounting direction/plane, etc. effect the actual capability of any assembly. Please contact Velmex Application Engineers to configure a system that will meet your exact requirements.

Rotary Tables Gear Ratio Rotation per Turn of Knob Diameter Length with Knob and Shaft Height Clear Aperature Dia.
Series Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm In. cm
A4818TS A48 Series Rotary Table 18:1 20° 5" 12.7 8.28" 21.0 2.37" 6.0 1.57" 4.0
A4836TS 36:1 10° 5" 12.7 8.28" 21.0 2.37" 6.0 1.57" 4.0
A4872TS 72:1 5" 12.7 8.28" 21.0 2.37" 6.0 1.57" 4.0
A5990TS A59 Series Rotary Table 90:1 1.65" 4.2 4.77" 12.1 1.70" 4.3 0.5" 1.27

Rotary Table Weight Horizontal Central Load Cantilevered Load Vertical Central Load
Series lbs. kg. lbs. kg. lbs. - in. N-m lbs. kg.
A48 5.5 2.5 200 lbs. 90.7 500 lbs.-in 56.5 N-m 25 lbs. 11.3
A59 2.7 1.23 50 lbs. 22.6 20 lbs.-in 2.26 N-m 5 lbs. 2.3

Accuracy 100 arc-second
Axial Runout and Radial Runout Please contact Velmex
Operating temperature 0 to 180° F (-18 to 82° C)
Properties of Velmex Stages Information on stage composition, tolerances, wear and design for specialty applications.
Load Parameters Definitions and parameters that effect the various load ratings.

A48 Series Rotary Table  
  A48 Rotary Table Dimensions  
A5990 Series Rotary Table  
A5990 Rotary Table Dimensions

Rotary Table Load
  Rotary Table Load Calculations  

Rotary Tables have the same basic part number configuration. Additional suffixes are added for the options and accessories. You can determine the Rotary part number using the chart below. The number can be found on the side or end of any Velmex device you may already own.

  Motorized Rotary Table Part Number  

The part number can be found on the side of the Rotary Table.

UniSlide Part Number Location

Options/Accessories for Manual Velmex Rotary Tables

Several options can be added to both the Rotary Tables and Turntables to make them more versatile and configurable with other Velmex products.

Rotary Table Adapters

Rotating Table Adapter Plates –to mount Velmex Rotary Tables to other Velmex Assemblies either in horizontal or vertical positions. For more specifics and to see the plates and brackets in use on a Velmex stage visit the Rotary Tables Adapters page.


MSPP-3 Adapter Plate – Used to mount Rotary Table (A48 or B48 Series) to BiSlide.
MSPP-4 Adapter Plate– Used to mount Rotary Table (A59 or B59 Series) to BiSlide.
XS001-27 and XS001-29B – connects XSlide to a Velmex Rotary Table. (A/B59 Series only)
A6000TX Adapter Plate – To mount an A48 Series Rotary Table to an A40 Series, A60 Series UniSlide or any AXY Table.
B5990TXZ Adapter Plate – To mount two B5990TS Rotary Tables at right angles to each other or to mount a B5990TS to any A Series UniSlide.

Adapter Bracket for Manual and Motorized Series XZ Brackets – allow Rotary Tables to be positioned vertically. They can mount two Rotary Tables at right angles. The brackets can also be used as the base and support to mount other Velmex products or the payload on the Rotary Table vertically.

A4001XZ-R Adapter Bracket – For mounting the A4800TS or B4800TS Rotary Tables.

Platform Shelves

Platform shelf – A right angled bracket designed to be used with UniSlide® Elevating Tables. However, they also can be used with vertically mounted Rotary Tables to support a payload. The shelf can be inverted depending on the motion required.

Thumb lock on Rotary Table

Thumbscrew Lock (-TL) – An easy method to lock the table utilizing a simple thumbscrew.

For details see Motion-Locks page.

Knob and Crank

Alternative Knob – – An knob with a crank for faster rotation is available for the A5990TS. Standard configuration is the knob only.

Home Switch on Rotary Table

Magnetic Home Switch – A magnetic reed home switch sets and returns the carriage to home (starting) position.

Limit Switches on Rotary Table

Limit Switches – Using two zero-reference (home) switches on a Rotary Table creates limits that restrict travel to a specific degree arc.

See Limits for more information.

Black anodized finish

Finishes – The A48 Series of Rotary Tables has a brushed aluminum finish. Optional finishes are available at an additional charge and include:


• Black Anodizing, additional colors also available (pictured)
• Specialized coatings for specific applications such as food processing or medical applications
• Modifications for use in a vacuum environment


CAD Drawings / Documents / Instructions

The majority of CAD drawings found in our Technical Library are Step (.stp) files. You will also see .dxf, .dwg, .sat and .pdf files. For .STP files, you may need to right click on the download button and save the "target" or "link". If you require a different format or cannot located the drawing you require, please contact us. Drawings are identified by the series/model part no. The number can be found on the side or end of any Velmex device you may already own.

For drawing for multi-axis configurations, please contact us. There may be an additional charge.

NOTE: Gear ratio variations are represented by a single drawing number.

Click to open the section you need: "Right Click" to download.
Rotary Tables - CAD Drawings
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Series Type File Name Description Download View
A48 STP A4800TS.stp A48 Series Manual Rotary Table - 5" dia. - 3D CAD Download Button -
A59 STP A5990TS.stp A5990 Manual Rotary Table - 1.65" dia. - 3D CAD Download Button -
A59 DWG A5990TS.dwg A5990 Manual Rotary Table - 1.65" dia. - 2D with dimensions Download Button -


Documents - Spec Sheets, Instructions, Manuals
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Type File Name Description Download View
PDF Rotary Tables Spec Overview.pdf Specfications and features for manual and motorized Rotary Tables Download Button View PDF
PDF 5990-Rotary Table Manual-Motor Replacement.pdf Instructions: Replace knob with motor on A5990 Download Button View PDF




Velmex Rotary Table Applications and Examples

These are examples of Velmex products. If you wish a similar product, please contact us with your specific application specifications (travel distance, payload, hours per day in use, resolution, speed range, etc.). You can use the Request Assistance form.

The example displayed may be a custom configuration, designed to the customer's specifications; and not offered as a standard product. Custom configurations could contain custom, externally-fabricated components.

Pictured in our gallery are examples of configurations and systems using manually-operated Rotary Tables, along with configurations that also include other Velmex products. Product and accessory offering is subject to change and availability.

Example Key Code Meaning Example Key Code Meaning
A Manually Operated M Motorized
S Standard C Custom Configuration
B BiSlide U UniSlide
X XSlide R Rotary Tables
T XY / Elevating Tables TT Turntables
    FS Fun Stuff (Ingenious, Cool, or Just out of the ordinary applications)


Single Axis Rotary Tables
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  • A48 Rotary Table description
    Example: ASR1
  • Black A48 Rotary Table description
    Example: ASR2
  • Vertical A48 Rotary Table description
    Example: ASR3
  • A5990 Rotary Table description
    Example: ASR4
  • Vertical A59 Rotary Table description
    Example: ASR5
  • Crank on A59 Rotary Table description
    Example: ASR6
  • Motorized and manual Rotary Tables stacked description
    Example: ASR6

Multiple-Axis Rotary Tables
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  • Two Rotary Tables with shelf description
    Exp: ASR2001
  • XZ mounted Rotary Tables description
    Exp: ASR2002
  • XZ Rotary Tables description
    Exp: ASR2003

Combination Assemblies
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  • Manual Rotary on XYZ UniSlide description
    Exp: ACUR3001
  • Rotary on XY Table with vertical UniSlide description
    Exp: ACUR3002
  • Dual Rotary Tables on UniSliide XYZ systems description
    Exp: ACUR3003
  • Rotary on XY UniSlide with Z UniSlide mounted on top description
    Exp: ASUR3004

Working Images
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Sorry, we don't have any images of our manual tables in a working application. Please check back later.

Velmex also offers motorized Rotary Tables. Examples of other Velmex products can be found on the Examples page or in the Examples section for each product.






Many questions can be answered by reviewing the "Features", "Model / Series", "Specifications", "Options / Accessories" and "Technical Documentation" sections for each product line. Additional FAQs about product comparisons, product construction, purchasing and shipping can be found on the company FAQ page.

Rotary Table Troubleshooting
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Rotary Table Troubleshooting

First - always read the Users Manual.

Symptom Possible Cause Possible Fixes
Knob will not turn. Could have pushed the knob in causing it to bind. Check position of knob. Pull out if possible.
Table will not turn. Thumb lock may be active. Check thumb lock to make sure it's not engaged.
  Could have pushed the knob in causing it to bind. Check position of knob. Pull out if possible.
  Backlash adjustment mesh set screw tightened too much. May need to be backed off. The set screw needs to be adjusted per Mesh Adjustment directions.
  Load is mounted touching the optical aperture. You don't want any load touching the center aperture as it will gall or wear causing binding. Remount load keeping it away from the aperture.
Motor stalls or table is loud. Backlash adjustment mesh set screw tightened too much. May need to be backed off. The set screw needs to be adjusted per Mesh Adjustment directions.
Too much play in the table. Backlash is excessive. The set screw needs to be adjusted per Mesh Adjustment direction
Table is loud when operating. If an older table and travel distance is minimal but continuous repetition, it may not have enough grease causing bearing wear. Remove red plug in top of table and rotate until the worm gear is visible. Add grease if necessary.
Table grinds or catches when turning. Check environment. If in a dusty application such as grinding, dirt may be accumulating inside and cause abnormal wear on the bearings. May need to be returned for repair, at a nominal cost.
  If a wet application, water accumulating internally may have caused the bearings to rust. May need to be returned for repair, at a nominal cost.
  If the table will be operated in a wet, dusty or otherwise dirty environment where contaminates may accumulate, inform your Velmex Application Engineer in order to quote based on special needs. This could reduce added cost for future repairs.
Motorized Table: Motor stalls or table is loud. Backlash adjustment mesh set screw tightened too much. May need to be backed off. The set screw needs to be adjusted per Mesh Adjustment directions.
Motorized Table: Motor cannot be removed. May not have used a motor with 2 flats set at 90° on the shaft. Reset with a motor with 2 flats set at 90° on the shaft. See Rotary Table Motor Attachment.



Rotary Table FAQs
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Do Velmex Rotary Tables need lubrication and how often?

Normally, the worm/worm gear drive of Velmex rotary tables do not need any servicing. However, under severe conditions replenishing the lubricant will prolong the life of the gears. A small amount of Lubriplate can be placed in the access hole. See the user guide that came with your Rotary Table for instructions.

Do Velmex Rotary Tables have an open aperture?

Yes, both models of Rotary Tables have a hollow spindle or open aperture in the center for optical applications. The manually-operated Velmex Turntable does not.

Can Velmex Rotary Tables be used in conjunction with other stages?

Yes, Rotary Tables can be and are frequently combined with other slides to achieve a particular motion or positioning. Which stage used in conjunction with the Rotary Table will determine which adapter plate or bracket might be required.



If you have questions about your specific application or want us to design a system incorporating Velmex Rotary Tables, please complete the Request Assistance form or call Velmex to speak to one of our Application Engineers.