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Motor-Driven Examples

These are examples of Velmex products. If you wish a similar product, please contact us with your specific application specifications (travel distance, payload, hours per day in use, resolution, speed range, etc.). You can use the Request Assistance form.

The example displayed may be a custom configuration, designed to the customer's specifications; and not offered as a standard product. Custom configurations could contain custom, externally-fabricated components.

Example Key Code Meaning Example Key Code Meaning
A Manually Operated M Motorized
S Standard C Custom Configuration
B BiSlide U UniSlide
X XSlide R Rotary Tables
T XY Tables TT Turntables
E Elevating Tables FS Fun Stuff (Ingenious, Cool, or Just out of the ordinary applications)


Single Axis Examples
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  • Brands:
  • BiSlide®
  • UniSlide®
  • XSlide™
  • Rotary Tables


Motorized Single Axis Velmex BrandsClick on the tabs above to see the single axis examples for each brand of Velmex positioning devices.


  • 30 inch Travel BiSlide description
    Example: MSB1
  • Motorized BiSlide description
    Example: MSB2
  • Left-Right Carrage BiSlide description
    Example: MSB3
  • Belt-driven BiSlide description
    Example: MSB4
  • BiSlide with 2 sliders description
    Example: MSB5
  • Tandem BiSlide description
    Example: MSB6
  • Long tandem BiSlide description
    Example: MSB7
  • Ten Inch BiSlide description
    Example: MSB8
  • 20 inch BiSlide description
    Example: MSB7
  • Parallel-Coupled BiSlide Extended Right Angle Drive BiSlide
    Example: MSB10
  • Belt-Driven  BiSlide description
    Example: MSB11
  • Motor-ready BiSlide Assembly description
    Example: MSB15
  • Vertical BiSlide Stand description
    Example: MSB12
  •  BiSlide with Whip Dampers description
    Example: MSB13
  • Vertical BiSlide with 2 carriages description
    Example: MSB14


  • Motorized UniSlide - MA25 description
    Example: MSU1
  • UniSlide Series MA25 description
    Example: MSU2
  • Motorized MA15 UniSlide description
    Example: MSU3
  • MA40 Series Motorized UniSlide description
    Example: MSU4
  • Black motorized UniSlide description
    Example: MSU5
  • MA15 Left - Right UniSlide description
    Example: MSU6
  • MB90 Series UniSlideMB90 motorized UniSlidet
    Example: MSU7
  • Black anodized Series A60 UniSlide description
    Example: MSU8
  • Lifting Y axis UniSlideY Axis Lifting UniSlide on support bracket.
    Example: MSU9




  • Short motorized XSlide description
    Example: MSX1
  • descriptionMotorized XSlide Assembly
    Example: MSX2
  • Motorized XSlide with 12 inches of travel description
    Example: MSX3
  • Longer travel distance XSlidedescription
    Example: MSX4
  • XSlide with 24 inches of travel description
    Example: MSX5
  • XSlide with moveable limits description
    Example: MSX6
  • XSlide on a frame description
    Example: MSX7




  • B48 Rotary Table description
    Example: MSR1
  • Black B48 Rotary Table description
    Example: MSR2
  • B59 Rotary Table description
    Example: MSR3
  • B59 Rotary Table with home switch description
    Example: MSR4
  • B48 Rotary Table description
    Example: MSR5
  • Two B48 Rotary Tables stacked description
    Example: MSR6
  • Vertical  Rotary Table description
    Exp: MSR7






Multiple-Axis Examples
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  • Brands:
  • BiSlide®
  • UniSlide®
  • UniSlide® Tables
  • XSlide™
  • Rotary Tables


Motorized Multi-Axis Velmex BrandsClick on the tabs above to see the multi-axis examples for each brand of Velmex positioning devices.


  • XY BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2001
  • XYZ BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2002
  • XZ BiSlide XZ BiSlide
    Exp: MSB2003
  • YZ BiSldie on Tandem X BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2004
  • XZ BiSlide XZ BiSlide
    Exp: MSB2005
  • Router created with Bislide Assemblies description
    Exp: MSB2006
  • Z axis Belt-Driven BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2007
  • Multi-axis on gusseted frame description
    Exp: MSB2008
  • Multi-axis on Parallel BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2009
  • Belt-driven XZ BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2010
  • Large Parallel BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2011
  • Assembly line with BiSlides description
    Exp: MCB2012
  • Double Parallel BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2013
  • Parallel Coupled Belt-Driven BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2014
  • Vertical Parallel BiSlide description
    Exp: MCB2015
  • BiSlide system capable of drawing description
    Exp: MCB2016
  • Tandem BiSlide on Parallel-Coupled BiSlide Table description
    Exp: MSB2017
  • 3 axis Parallel BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2019
  • ZY on X Tandem BiSlide description
    Exp: MSB2020




  • Motorized XY UniSilde description
    Exp: MSU2001
  • XY Series MA15 UniSlides description
    Exp: MSU2002
  • XZ UniSlide - Black description
    Exp: MSU2003
  • Motorized XY UniSlide with right angle drive A25 UniSlides in XY
    Exp: MCU2004
  • UniSlide XY Table A25 XY UniSlide
    Exp: ASU2005
  • A40 Seres and A25 Series mounted XY description
    Exp: MCU2006
  • A25 Series UniSlides in XZ description
    Exp: MSU2007
  • XYZ UniSlide description
    Exp: MSU2008





  • Motorized MAXY60 Series XY Table Motorized MAXY40 Series XY Table
    Exp: MST2001
  • UniSlide XY Table with limits description
    Exp: MST2002
  • Black XY Table description
    Exp: MST2003
  • Large XY Table description
    Exp: MST2004
  • Medium XY Table description
    Exp: MST2005
  • Medium XY Table MA40  XY Table
    Exp: MST2006




  • XZ motorized XSlide description
    Exp: MSX2001
  • XZ XSlide gantry description
    Exp: MSX2002
  • XY XSlide description
    Exp: MSX2003
  • 2-axis XY XSlide description
    Exp: MSX2004
  • XYZ XSlide description
    Exp: MSX2005





  • Two B48 Rotary Tables in XZ description
    Exp: MSR2001
  • Rotary Tables set for Pan and Tilt description
    Exp: ASR2002
  • 3 Rotary tables in XYZ description
    Exp: MSR2003
  • XYZ Axes Rotary Tables description
    Exp: MSR2004






See Manual Examples for examples of manually-operated assemblies.