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Downloads, Documents and Technical Information

CAD Drawings - Includes 2D and 3D drawings. Formats include STP, SAT, DWG

Product Spec Sheets - Includes product specifications, features and benefits and OEM specification sheets. PDF formats.

Product Catalog and Product List - Velmex catalogs and product lists.

Instructions / Manuals - Product User Manuals, Installing and Configuring Instructions, PDF formats.

Software - Programs, drivers and examples for use with Velmex VXM Controllers and VRO Readouts. ZIP files, text files, hyperlinks.

Compliance Information - MSDS and RoHS - PDF formats.

Controls Archive - Software, Spec Sheets and other information for obsolete Controls (Controllers and Readouts)





Loads - Load Calculations - Load ratings for all Velmex positioning products.

- Load Parameters - Illustrations for an understanding of the parameters that are used to determine load capacities.

Properties of Velmex Linear Stages - Information on the composition, wear resistance, tolerances and design for specialty applications.

Vacuum and Speciality Applications - Information on modifcations and material substitutions that can be made for vacuum and speciality environmental applications.


Knowledge Base - General information including:

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