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Velmex Turntables


Velmex Turntables are manually-operated rotary motion tables in a small, rugged package.

Manual Turntables

The Turntables, which can be spun freely by hand are ideal for mounting and rotation of test specimens, cameras, transducers, sensors, and mirrors. They are a convenient, accurate method of quickly positioning or rotating a payload. They use a heavy-duty spring-loaded tangent screw drive for fine adjustments.

They feature a 12° range of fine position adjustment accomplished by tightening the clamping knob which engages the tangent screw driven against a spring-loaded yoke. The A4007TS with a 4.13 inch diameter (10.5 cm) can handle horizontally-centered loads up to 200 lbs. (90.7 kg.)

Velmex Turntable Features

Velmex Turntables are only manually-operated and cannot be motorized. For motorized rotating tables check out our Rotary Tables.

Turntable Features

(Note: Center is not a through hole.)


Typical applications for Velmex Turntables include mounting and rotation of test specimens, cameras, transducers, sensors, mirrors and other components.

Turntable Series / Style

Velmex Turntables – Turntables can be spun freely into position by hand. Tightening the the clamping knob allows fine motion control. Turntables can be used horizontally. They are not recommended for vertical applications.

A2505TS Turntable

A2505TS Model Discontinued. Please call Velmex for replacement parts or repair questions on owned A2505TS tables.

A4007TS Turntable

A4007TS Model – 4.13" (10.5 cm) diameter. Load capacity up to 200 lbs. (90.7 kg.) horizontally and 1 lb. (.45 kg.) vertically. Will mount on A40 or A60 Series UniSlides®.

Velmex also offers manually-operated Rotary Tables and motor-driven Rotary Tables

Turntable Specifications

Factors such as size of the motor, size of the payload, travel distance, mounting direction/plane, etc. effect the actual capability of any assembly. Please contact Velmex Application Engineers to configure a system that will meet your exact requirements.

Turntable Travel Diameter Length with Knobs Weight Height
Model (Lock / Release Knob) Fine Adjust Knob Inches cm Inches cm lbs. kg. Inches cm
A2505TSDiscontinued XSlide with Lead Screw 0-360°+ 12° max 3.15" 8.0 5" 12.7 1.07 0.49 1.3" 3.3
A4007TS Free Motion XSlide 0-360°+ 12° max 4.13" 10.5 6" 15.2 1.75 0.8 1.3" 3.3

Turntable Horizontal Central Load Cantilevered Load Vertical Central Load
Model lbs. kg. lbs. - in N-m lbs. kg.
A2505TSDiscontinued 200 lbs. 90.7 Not recommended < 1 lb.* .45
A4007TS 200 lbs. 90.7 Not recommended < 1 lb.* .45

*Not recommended for vertical loads greater than 1 lb.

Turntables - A4007TS (left) - A2505TS (right)  
  Turntable Dimensions  
  Dimensions for Chart Above  

Part Number

The part number can be found on the side of the Turntable.

UniSlide Part Number Location

Options/Accessories for Velmex Turntables

Adapter Plates

Adapter Plates – A variety of adapter plates mount the Turntables to other Velmex products like UniSlides® and BiSlides®. For additional information see Turntable Adapters.


The A2505TS Turntable can be mounted to UniSlides using the A2500 adapter plates and mounts directly on UniSlides with a S2.5, S3 or S4 slider / carriage.

The A4007TS Turntable can be mounted to UniSlides using the A2400 or A4000 adapter plates and mounts directly on UniSlide stages with a S4, S6 or S8 slider / carriage.


Turntable CAD Drawings / Documents / Instructions

The majority of CAD drawings found in our Technical Library are Step (.stp) files. You will also see .dxf, .dwg, .sat and .pdf files. For .STP files, you may need to right click on the download button and save the "target" or "link". If you require a different format or cannot located the drawing you require, please contact us. Drawings are identified by the series/model part no. The number can be found on the side or end of any Velmex device you may already own.

  "Right Click" to download.
Series Type File Name Description Download View
A2505TS STP A2505TS.stp A25 3.15" Diameter Turntable - 3D CAD Download Button -
A4007TS STP A4007TS.stp A40 4.13" Diameter Turntable - 3D CAD Download Button -

Type File Name Description Download View
PDF Rotary Table - A2505T and A2505TS mounting.pdf Instructions - Installing and operating A2505T or A4007TS Turntable Download PDF View
PDF Rotary Table - A4007T - A4007TS mounting .pdf Instructions - Installing and operating A4007T or A4007TS Turntable Download PDF View


Velmex Turntable Applications and Examples

These are examples of Velmex products. If you wish a similar product, please contact us with your specific application specifications (travel distance, payload, hours per day in use, resolution, speed range, etc.). You can use the Request Assistance form.

The example displayed may be a custom configuration, designed to the customer's specifications; and not offered as a standard product. Custom configurations could contain custom, externally-fabricated components.

Pictured in our gallery are examples of configurations for manual Turntables, along with configurations that also include other Velmex products. Product and accessory offering is subject to change and availability.

Example Key Code Meaning Example Key Code Meaning
A Manually Operated M Motorized
S Standard C Custom Configuration
B BiSlide U UniSlide
X XSlide R Rotary Tables
T XY / Elevating Tables TT Turntable
    FS Fun Stuff (Ingenious, Cool, or Just out of the ordinary applications)


Single Axis Turntables
  • Small A2505TS Turntable description
    Example: ASTT1
  • A4007TS Turntable description
    Example: ASTT2
  • Two Velmex Turntables description
    Example: ASTT3

Combination Assemblies
  • Turntable on UniSlide description
    Exp: ASTTU3001
  • Turntable on Small XY Table description
    Exp: ASTTU3002
  • Turntable on AXY Table description
    Exp: ASTTU3003

Working Images
  • Working Turntable description

Examples of other Velmex products can be found on the Examples page or in the Examples section for each product.





Turntable FAQs

Many questions can be answered by reviewing the "Features", "Model / Series", "Specifications", "Options / Accessories" and "Technical Documentation" sections for each product line. Additional FAQs about product comparisons, product construction, purchasing and shipping can be found on the company FAQ page.

Turntable Troubleshooting
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Turntable Troubleshooting

Symptom Possible Cause Possible Fixes
Table will not turn. The locking knob (free motion control) may be engaged. Check the free motion knob to make sure it's not engaged.
  It is possible with extended use, the set screws in the bottom will back out. This may cause the top plate to touch or scrape the bottom plate causing galling. Re-tighten the 2 set screws one after the other. The first screw will need to be removed from the center bottom to access the internal set screw. After tightening the internal set screw, replace and tighten the first screw.
Rotation is not smooth or catches. If mounted, it's possible the mounting screws are not sunk completely in the mounting holes and stick-up slightly from the base. Check to make sure the mounting screws are below the top of the base.
Rotation is not smooth or is too free and will not lock for fine tuning. If the top plate has been removed, it is possible the table wasn't reassembled correctly or the half-moon locking pin that presses on the shaft to control the smooth motion is out of place or missing. Check the assembly instructions for the A2505T & A2505TS to make all components are there and in the proper place. You should not have to remove the top plate for the A4007T or A4007TS.



Turntable FAQs
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Do Velmex Turntables need lubrication and how often?

The bearings contained in the turntables do not require lubrication.

Can Velmex Turntables be used in conjunction with other stages?

Yes, Turntables can be and are frequently combined with other slides, particularly UniSlides®, to achieve a particular motion or positioning. Which stage used in conjunction with the Turntable will determine which adapter plate or slider might be required.

Do Velmex Turntables have an open aperture?

No, the Turntable is not open in the center. The center is where the top and bottom are secured together.



If you have questions about your specific application or want us to design a system incorporating a Velmex Turntable, please complete the Request Assistance form or call Velmex to speak to one of our Application Engineers.